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"Changing tradition with flavor, color and nutrition."

Made in the Finger Lakes. 


Our Wine Flours come from wine-grapes grown in the Finger Lakes of New York State. Produced on Seneca Lake in the heart of Finger Lakes Wine Country, the wineries we source from are some of the most diligent and meticulous farmers and producers in the region. We specialize in retail, wholesale and consulting. 


Cabernet Franc

The Finger Lakes' 2nd most produced wine grape...

Deep plum, black pepper and blueberry flavors make up this purple and flavor packed wine flour. 

Quick Ideas & Tips.


Supplement (do not substitute) your recipes to add flavor, color and nutrition. 

Wine Flour is not just for baking. 

Great for thickening sauces and stews. 

Tired of boring gluten free recipes? Add wine flour to jazz them up. 

Wine flour is not just for cooking.

Not a baker or a cook? 

Resveratrol found in our products are great for skincare, too!

Use in soaps or face masks. 

What does wine have to do with it? 


If you've ever heard of wine-grape pomace, then you've most definitely heard of wine. Our products would not exist without the wine industry. Instead of just drinking our wine we can eat it, too!


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